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Originally Posted by Cakeeater View Post

However, when I come up on people I never expect them to "let" me pass. it's nice if they do, but I don't get upset if they don't make way for me. I understand if I'm passing people I'm generally speeding, and I don't expect people to aid me.

Most importantly, if I can't pass another rider or group of riders or car or truck or haywagon on a freakin' motorcycle when I go solo then I should get my mancard pulled. And I ride a slow motorcycle.

Guess the roads you like to go riding on aren't sinuous mountain roads having most curves marked with yellow signs that suggest a speed of between 15-30mph.

Now how exactly is one supposed to execute a pass in the left lane on a blind corner?

The only safe way to pas is when the slow traffic pulls on to a pullout. They don't even have to stop, just slow down a little and use some of the pullout. Most of the people up here do.

They get an enthusiastic wave and thumbs-up as I go by.

If I have to wait for one of the rare places where I can see far enough ahead to execute a pass in the left lane, they get the finger.

Sometimes I have to pull over too--I'm not exactly riding a sportbike.
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