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Wont start

Back with a noob question after a long time...

My XR has not been ridden or started for nearly three months since it got trucked back from a Himalayas ride. In preparation for riding, I went today to change oil, oil filter, air filter, etc.

I found there was no oil upon opening up the drain plug at the front down tube. I knew the shipper had drained fuel, but no oil was a surprise. I suppose if the drain lets out no oil, there IS no oil, right?

So I topped up new oil, put in a new oil filter, newly oiled Uni air filter, fuel....and gave it a good try starting. Did the whole choke/de-compress/prime/kick routine. Gave up after 50-70 kicks and a liter of sweat. Not a sound though...nothing.

Is there anything particular I have to do? Or just go another 100 kicks?
Used to always start in 1-3 kicks earlier.

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