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Originally Posted by GgnTrails View Post
Back with a noob question after a long time...

My XR has not been ridden or started for nearly three months since it got trucked back from a Himalayas ride. In preparation for riding, I went today to change oil, oil filter, air filter, etc.

I found there was no oil upon opening up the drain plug at the front down tube. I knew the shipper had drained fuel, but no oil was a surprise. I suppose if the drain lets out no oil, there IS no oil, right?

So I topped up new oil, put in a new oil filter, newly oiled Uni air filter, fuel....and gave it a good try starting. Did the whole choke/de-compress/prime/kick routine. Gave up after 50-70 kicks and a liter of sweat. Not a sound though...nothing.

Is there anything particular I have to do? Or just go another 100 kicks?
Used to always start in 1-3 kicks earlier.

After sitting for that long the oil from the frame may have drained back into the motor. If so, after that much kicking the oil should be pumped back up into the frame. Recheck the oil level in the frame. I'd bet it's overfilled now. But it's much better to be overfilled than empty.

Was the carb drained too? I'd at least drain it to make sure there's fresh gas in there.

I'd also check spark. It shouldn't be a problem at all, but would you rather find out now or after kicking it another 200 times?
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