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I totally get the concept that every local huckster and con artist will try to take advantage of me. Been there, seen that, in Cambodia, Mexico, Malaysia, and even in France and Amsterdam I know how to say no thanks. When in a foreign country I tend to keep my head on a swivel.
It is worse than normal in Vietnam, and it kinda ruined the experience for me: I came to regard almost every interaction with the Vietnamese as adversarial.

Bribes? Well, at 5'7" I'm just above average in terms of size even in Vietnam I do like the idea of playing dumb and just riding away - good tip
Hehe worked well for me recently in India: jetting down a highway at 130km/h (90km/h zone) and ran into some police at a roadblock. Perfectly clear why I was in the shit, but I pretended not to understand and, thinking quickly, pointed to my dash where the average speed was displayed as 85km/h. After we repeated the cycle of 'over speed!!' and a charming, smiling response of incomprehension, I was allowed to ride on, and the police even shook my hand as a measure of their appreciation for my breaking the law.
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