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Not so sure about that. It would be possible to get through there methinks... but not solo. A group of four could do it... or someone solo with plenty of time and maybe a couple of big tubes to float the bike across.

I'm a tad worried that I might have a head shave coming up. The cushions I got last night for a pillow had never been washed and were somewhat grimy. Then I watched everyone in the village removing nits from everyone else's head for half the day until the solar panel got the battery happening and I could summons up enough help to carry the bike back out. That didn't happen until 2pm. Village life is somewhat relaxed.

If I'd taken the bike back to the village, there'd have been two more carries just to get there.... and a lot more on the other side, so I came back to Attapeu. I'd have tried it but my visa is just about expired. Gotta get near the border.

I got back here just before dark. Knackered. Had to change the oil, of course. Wasn't too watery, but better safe than sorry.

.... and my boots did the trip back, thanks to most of a roll of gaffer tape.

I'll post up some photos of the rat roast later.
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