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Originally Posted by ilyaon View Post
Thank you for all your replies.
That's the information I was looking for.
I'm researching to purchase the ADv bike and so far came up to ether F800GS or 800XC.

I'm aware about many details on these two bikes. I was interested in performance of the stock forks under "normal" riding. Nothing major than the lite trail or regular paved road. Seems like it works well.

If anyone has more information to share about their personal experience with stock suspension, that would be great.

The stock suspension on the F800gs is OK, depending what you weigh, how hard you ride and where. At 200 lb, riding over a lot of rocks, and sharp edge pot holes I thought it horrible. Others claim it is just great. I look at their pictures and it is smooth dirt/gravel with some whoops. It does handle that well. You can't rule out that BMW changed the valving over the years. I got a first boat bike.

The F800gs has the same issues, having limited adjustability. BMW chose to compound the issue by crimping the fork tube cartridges. If you repring a bike you should also revalve it to better control the spring. That can't be done, due to the valve being crimped inside the cartridge. So it becomes expensive.

If you respring only, you can play with oil weights and air gap. it may or may not work well enough, depending on where and how you ride.

A similar issue on the shock. The upper mount bracket is wider than the shock mount. It uses a spacer to fill the gap and is all held in place with a through bolt under heavy tension. The stock shock is not that bad and has enough adjustment to accommodate a heavier spring. There is still no compression valve adjustment, so it won't be the equal to aftermarket.

Aftermarket shocks all/most have an inner bearing that allows some movement and aluminum spacers at each end of the shock's mount in place of the 1 pc steel bushing of the stock one. Stock is stronger and works if not bottoming under load. Aftermarket is not strong enough and needs a brace. The brace is relative cheap and made by an inmate.

The 2013 F800gs has 43mm usd WP forks in place of the old 45mm Zokes. Still not adjustable. No one has taken them apart yet to see if cheaper to revalve. No pictures of the rear shock mount either.

That is probably more issues isn't itBut I have never taken a Triumph fork apart.
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