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could be Big john looking for a new ride next year....
translated by Google from AMuS

Mark Webber can write off the World Cup. Again there was only enough for two championship points. The gap to Fernando Alonso is 60 points. Guilt is Romain Grosjean, who turned the Red Bull in turn three. Webber sought the Lotus drivers after the race, to tell him the opinion.

The TV interviews were just finished, as Mark Webber schnurstraks marched towards Lotus Pavilion. He searched Romain Grosjean. Even the Red Bull Press lady who shadowed the Australians, suddenly stood alone. "Where did he go?" she asked frantically around.
Webber tries to talk to Grosjean

A Lotus mechanic was dumb with his finger towards his driver rest room. Half an hour later, Webber had still not calmed down. "I get on well through the first two corners, have already Kobayashi in sight, as I feel a rear shock and it rotates around the car."

The Webber threw back to last place. A 32-second stop to check whether parts were broken on the car increased, the gap on the field yet. "And then they get the safety car still clean after just one lap. When we started, I was twelve seconds behind the penultimate. If the safety car one more round out longer, catch at least I can. The damage Grosjean has done me the race organizers would be able to return really. "
Marko Calls for tougher punishment

Even team advisor Helmut Marko echauffierte itself. "Ten seconds stop and go are too little for the guy. Makes it the second race each other breaks the race. So you have finally come down harder. Grosjean has crashed constantly been in the junior formulas."
As Webber enters, he tells of his second encounter with Grosjean. "I am after the race to him and told him: Look me in the eye keep, Romain You win a race in the first ten seconds and not constantly track your attempts to wag back and forth a little tip from... me: In the throng you always keep enough air to the front and with einrechnen, where is your front wing If you go on like, you're not old here "..
Webber fears that the Lotus driver is on the starting lap mentally so busy that he turns off his head: "He should have long ago learned to anticipate and see the big picture in a race, but he is learning not just the.. is at this level, we play on is not acceptable. "
Grosjean looks for excuses

Grosjean apologized to Webber so that he his left hand blocking the field of view, as he gave in to the curve. She came upon impact of the steering wheel right out of the cockpit. Webber holds a protective claim. "This is a problem we all have. I'm sure, Grosjean has looked at the two cars left by him and completely forgot that I'm still there in front of him."
Marko grumbled: "The one three races out of circulation He broke Mark on the podium.". Webber sighed: "When I think about it, that I get in Singapore aufgebrummt 20 seconds, I Kobayashi two inches off the track, overtaking, then Grosjean got off very well." Those are the rules: A little harder than a ten-second stop-and-go, there is not the FIA ​​Penalties.
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