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Originally Posted by ebrabaek View Post
I could answer that with a single ...yes.... But trying to be realistic... I'l change that to a perhaps. Try to pour a little cup of cool syrup in a cup before you eat your pancakes.... then pilfer a stir stick, and stir it. It will be almost impossible not to agitate the mix...or should I say aerate it a little. The bigger bubbles will get mashed out and popped with each layer of fabric, but the smaller get's trapped in there, and for your projects, most likely....all will be well. Unless you are making a rear swing arm....or anything structural. So in that case.... no .... it is not important. The moment you switch to a stronger epoxy requiring a post heat cure, that all changes, as the tiny bubbles now expands as air does while heated....and now they get big and ugly..... Just like the bully in fifth grade..... So it is desirable to de-gass the mix, before using it, and brush on the resin slooooowwwwweeeeely. How you do that, is up to you.... Heat... vacuum chamber.... de-gas dance.... your call....

Ohhhhh this is going to be awesome, love learning new stuff. Just hope my garage trial and error schooling does not cost toooooo much haha! Also since I am using the Max Clear HP should I heat cure it a bit, I havent quite gotten to the big instruction booklet they sent with it yet.
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