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Originally Posted by yatman View Post

Was wondering if HerrHelmet from

might have good info?...shall pm him this thread.
Great question...being stuck without sufficient battery power is to hear input....


I think both of the above ideas would work. I was a sailor long before I got into the Lithium off-road battery biz, so I understand the need for battery isolation. Because of the high-amperage of the starting batteries, you will find that the Perko switch is pretty huge and heavy. (Had one on my boat) The heat sinked Isolator may be the better choice depending on how big and heavy it is.

I'm not aware of any Powersport deep cycle batteries but it leads to an interesting thought. If you combine a LiFEPO4 starting battery (HIgh pulse cranking amps) with a deep cycle (more amp hours) you would be able to run electronics, cell phones, gps etc. while camping) In either case a perfect opportunity to go to lighter batteries.

One bit of news concerning the LiFEPO4 is that we will be offering a complete battery management system built in a sealed watertight case with center mounted terminals for universal fit. This system eliminates the need for a balance charger, or any kind of charger for that matter. Should be available in about 2 weeks.

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