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Eek Why didn't I buy a Zumo???

Here is my update,

I just received and mounted the Burns Moto charger and HDB bracket.
I don't have pics in this computer, but I will posted soon.
Everything was fine until I connected an ordinary USB data cable between the charger and the GPS, it was when I found I still have issues with GPS power...
The GPS went to mass storage mode everytime I connected the cable.
I started to do some Google research to find the answer, once again, in Advrider...
Now, my problem is that USB data cable and Garmin USB POWER cable are different!...
I found that a vendor here sells the correct cable to feed a Garmin Nuvi, here is the thread:
I already sent him a PM and I still waiting for an answer...

I'll keep you posted...
Diego, a proud 650GS single rida...
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