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Originally Posted by therivermonster View Post

That little trailer is awesome, 100! Very nice job! It's kind of amazing what quality you can get with rattle can paint.

I hear ya about getting an A1 finish for a plug which brings us to my next post. Read below.

Twin-Shocker, are you with me??
and POW! You hit a home run. That looks fantastic and will make a great mold. Did you notice how the 2000g paper was smooth then suddenly started to "stick" to the surface? I am only guessing but it seems that the last of the orange peel creates a suction to the sandpaper and it suddenly disappears and become like glass. I knew I was almost done sanding when that happened!
I am looking forward to seeing the finished part.
Originally Posted by therivermonster View Post
Next I sanded with 800, 1500, 2000, then buffed with buffing compound, then polish. The results are fantastic. The overhead lights reflect almost like a mirror.

Comming soon... Making the mold from the polished shroud plug. Good times!!!
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