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Originally Posted by runnin4melife View Post
Roger Doger, I already have that setup. I went ahead and built a small 4x4x4 paint booth to house the setup to keep dirst/dust out of it as well as have to heat lamps to maintain temp etc... It is starting to get cool here in MD so this will most likely be the option I utilize.

Last pressing question I have, as far as the foam mold I am utilizing. Once I have it sanded down it is still fairly porous, do I still apply wax/parrafin to get it to release or should I first coat it with resin and let it cure then use that as the base for the mold before proceeding to the CF?

Sorry for so many questions I just don't want to waste a lot of time or material learning simple things I could avoid.
No worries about the questions....Keep'em coming...... I do not use the wax anymore.... extra cost, and labor, not a necessity.... as it ensures better release of the uhhmmmm... release agent..... If you are making a foam plug to make a high utilization mold,then yes coat with epoxy/sand, and repeat as necessary. If you are trashing the foam after use....Don't waste your time.....with the epoxy.

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