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Originally Posted by JerryH View Post
...I looked to see if the Symba was still available, and found the SymWolf 150, a small 150cc motorcycle, freeway legal, 350 pound load capacity, and manual transmission. It also has a centerstand. I think I'm going to take a look at that thing.
I work in a scooter shop that is a SYM dealer. The Symba is still available. We have sold a few of them this summer. We have also sold a few of the Wolf 150. The Wolf is a very nicely made bike. A fellow came in on a Yamaha R6 and test rode the Wolf. When he came back he said the transmission was as smooth as any bike he had ridden and way nicer than his R6. Comparing the two, I was a bit surprised at how zippy the Symba is when I first rode it. The Wolf seems to be geared taller and is slower off the line but definitely is a better cruiser at higher speeds. I still wouldn't feel terribly comfortable on the freeway with the Wolfe. It can go 65 given the space to get there but there's nothing left in reserve to get out of the way of traffic.
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