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A woman showed up riding a scooter from these guys They build them inspired by the old Mustangs and I thought it was pretty cool:

Mario (the brains behind the club evidently, and a super nice guy) showed up on his vintage Vespa:

By the time the ride started, we were over 20 strong. What a blast! It seems scooters make people smile. We were getting waves, honks and smiles from everyone. Even some hard core old bikers waved us by and smiled and waved the whole time.

A bunch of scooters cruising the beach...where had I seen that before? Oh mind started chanting "We are the Mods, we are the Mods, we are, we are, we are the Mods." Okay, sorry for the geeky Quadrophenia reference (not really ). No time to stop and take pictures though. We rode almost 3 hours straight through the back roads of the South Bay, Venice, Santa Monica and Malibu before going to Dukes for lunch. Here we are, gathering in the parking lot:

Here's the view throuth the windo at Dukes:

It's a bitchen resturant right on the water with 3 bars and outdoor seating as well, which was unfortunatelly filled. The fish and chips were amazing!

It took all 4 of us at the table to put a dent in this desert:

Took the time to snap a quick picture down the Malibu coast through the fence surrounding the parking lot:

That beer can is a bit depressing...

Some people split early, but there were still scooters waiting for their riders:

The windshield of a mod:

A Piagio 3 wheeler. The owner said it handled almost like a regular scooter but feels a little front weighted:

Here's the sign for Duke's. If you wind up in Malibu with a couple bucks (okay, maybe 20) in your pocket, stop by.

More scooters waiting for their owners to split:

And scooterist getting ready to ride home:

All ages are welcome!

I peeled off from the group where Highway 1 (PCH) turns to Lincoln Ave. Just stayed on PCH all the way back to Long Beach. It was a great ride, and I'm looking forward to nest month (I have it off!) Got to Portfolio for coffee and realized I hadn't taken any pictures of my scooter all day, so here it is, waiting to take me home after a long, fun day:

I won't be riding much nest weekend as I'm getting dental surgery Thursday, but I have an idea for later this week. It involves taking the scooter and seeing what adventures I can have without leaving the city limits. I think sometimes we (or at least I) forget to explore my own back yard enough...and once again, thanks for coming along on the ride!
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