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[QUOTE=Boondox;19767548]Yeah, we can't believe anybody is so friggin lazy that they need a reverse for something so easy to push!

Urals are okay if that's what you're into. Personally, the thing I like best about sidecar meets is that there is so much variety, so much experimentation (trial and error) among the hacks. Urals? Sort of like the HD of the sidecar world. They're pretty much all cut from the same mold and I rarely see them far from home.

But whatever floats your boat.[/QUOTI must agree with you on your reverse comment. I've owned a Gold Wing for over a year, and have used th reverse once or twice. The reverse is normally not needed, and not worth the effort to use.

Hey, I also travel everywhere with my dog, Pugsley. He sits on the Wing pillion, double strapped and harnessed to the armrests. When I had the Ural rig, he would normally crawl into the nose and go to sleep.

On the Wing, he is sitting up most of the time. He loves it. Your comments on dogs are very true. My dog treats me better than most of the former girlfriends, which he replaced. At my age, he fills about all my needs for companionship. We have logged 40,000 miles on two bikes.
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