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Originally Posted by windmill View Post
You say I have a closed mind, I'm willing to listen to reason, enlighten me.

Whats the difference between someone who is so wrapped up in themselves that they use their vehicle to intimidate others and control their actions, and someone who so wrapped up in themselves they use their vehicle to cause injury or damage to punish them for their actions?

Do you guys really have that much trouble when you ride that it taints the experience for you, or are you just venting your spleen on line about something that happened and you haven't gotten over yet?
Wheres all the angst come from?

Like anyone else, I don't like being the victim of ignorance or stupidity, it's one thing to have an opinion about something here and another thing entirely to act on it in the real world.
Why cross that line? Whats the point of all of it all? Isn't riding supposed to be about the enjoyment it brings, not about what negativity you may encounter (or create) on rare occasions.

Inquiring minds want to know.

I'm not the OP, I'm just talking to some guy on the internet who wants to lecture one guy and not call out the other idiot who has a hard time letting people pass, the kind of guy who wants to make everyone drive/ride as slow as he.

The guy in the Jeep was engaging in a battle of wills and ended up getting his jeep peppered for it. He could have just allowed a reasonable pass instead of forcing the issue.

Stop trying to be the hall monitor.
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