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Originally Posted by blaster11 View Post
A bit of a scare today, my good foot slipped out from under me and I put some weight on the bad foot to try and catch myself, I quickly realized that was a bad move and retracted it and just crashed to the floor...better move.
similar moment myself after shattering the lower leg years ago. i got the tibial nail instead of a cast so started cycling with one leg for exercise. one day i came to a stop balanced the wrong way, then realized i couldn't stick the bad leg out. just slowly crashed over in front of a pile of spectators who must have thought i was pissed.

hope you heal fast, and let us know what you come up with for your next boots. the DR650 crushed my foot a while back and broke four metatarsals. these were heavy duty oxtar mx boots but no steel shank in the sole, so still wondering if that might have helped? will definitely look into it when they are due for replacement....
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