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CNNA 2013.2 won't route.

I don't remember this happening when I updated from 2012.4 to 2013.1. All my routes were created on 2013.1 or earlier, some way back in Mapsource. Now, with 2013.2 on the unit, when I choose a route, I get an error message that the route will not exactly follow the map, do I want to recalculate? When I hit yes, it says no routable maps in this area and kicks me back to the map with no route. (Or No, either way)

I haven't tested with all routes, direct or not, older than CNNA or not, yet. Perhaps the answer is obvious, but this is stumping me. I hope I don't have to go back and re-create several hundred routes!!

EDIT: Perhaps I didn't actually use a route, but instead a recent find, i.e. a town 60 miles away I often go to for lunch. So I did a Where To?-Cities-spelled out the name, hit go, it routed normally. So now I look in recent finds, there are two Stanleys, one exhibits the above behavior, the one I just created routes normally. One test of an old route seems to work, so perhaps all that is necessary is to remember to clear the recent finds list when updating CNNA. More testing required. Perhaps when I last updated the map, I never used a recent find until the old finds from the previous CNNA had scrolled way down and were no longer visible. The Montana saga continues......

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