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My frustration over lack of side racks is fading a little. I found this valuable web address from a guy called Folco who owns a 2KF with these racks.
I can likely safely assume the european model they'll be basing them on is a 2KF like mine, so I can just go by year. Now how to indicate which year mine is when ordering is a different question. They make these for several bikes but they are all listed on one page with no way to select a year/make/model. So I am asking them, in English, how to do that. They're pretty affordable, and I imagine I'll be welding on some crossbar action and maybe some of those cool steel tube hoops, with all the bracketry already laid out for me via their minimalist racks.

I wish they made one of those racks (the red luggage rack) to fit my 2002 600E ...!!!!! It looks like just what I am after...!!
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