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Took the bike out yesterday for my first time and went about 60 miles in the foothills nearby. First impression: the seat has to go. Felt like I was sitting in a bowl and that I was pushed to far forward and it was as hard as a board. Nor the first time that I have had issues with BMW seats. The bikes power was a little surprising and felt that it could have also used a 6th gear but overall I am happy with. Had my first WTF when I rode a mile to get gas before my ride nd the bike would not start after getting gas. It turned over but never caught. I followed the owners guide to the letter but it would not start. Pushed out of the way, took the gear off, popped the filler open and waited about 10 minutes and tried again with success. After the ride I was going to try to start it again after a few minutes but forgot so I was not able to try and duplicate what had happened earlier. Went out after 15 minutes and it started fine.
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