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That was a huge yawn, unfortunately. Kimi Raikkonen made sure of that.

He single-handedly ensured that nobody but Vettel and his illegal wing could win. Kimi spun out on the last lap of Q3, making sure none of the fast cars could challenge Vettel's time. Then he took out Alonso at the start of the race. And for good measure, he forced Perez off the track on the restart.

A glorious day for loser Lotus, whose Roman Grosjean also wiped out Webber on the start.

I know how Kimi and Lotus could win a race. F1 should sponsor a demolition derby. They'd clean up. Nobody would stand a chance against that wrecking crew.

That was a pretty fine result for Massa. No idea if it will save his seat. But he's a likable guy, so it's a pleasure to see him deliver a good race.

Very happy for Sauber. I like that team and I like Peter Sauber, who seems like he's one of the good guys in F1. And of course, they carry the Chelsea logo, always a good luck charm. Well done, Kobayashi.

I think it's going to take Charlie Whiting a long time to come up with an effective test for a front wing that changes shape at speed. If I'm right, the season is over. Vettel and Red Bull have an unbeatable advantage.

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