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My plans to powerslide around Valley of the Gods vanquished by rain, a pit stop in Mexican Hat sends me towards Kayenta, Arizona, via Monument Valley. It rained the entire way and visibility was between a quarter- and a half-mile. Who rides Monument Valley in half-mile visibility? This guy.

Kayenta has a McDonalds with a much-sought-after-by-now roof and wi-fi. Oh, and food. I drain about a gallon of water onto the floor in a relatively vacant corner. I say relatively vacant because the place is packed with Asian tourists and a handful of leathered-up bikers. There are something like three people working, and the language barrier inside is as evident as the rain outside. After literally ten minutes of watching a fellow attempt to order something, finally both parties figure out that pointing fingers can in this case be a good thing. The deal is done and I've only got three more of these to endure before it's my turn. A Filet-O-Fish never tasted so good, but the wireless was saturated and unusable. I call Tracy and she breaks the news that I'm screwed and it's raining everywhere around me.

There is a rez dog in the parking lot who seems to have special powers. He's in the last free-range dry spot I'll see this afternoon.

I pick a short route to Many Farms and then Chinle, where I fuel up again (I have nothing better to do than fuel up, and it's relatively dry under the awning at the pump).

A few miles South and the rain is a light sprinkle, so I stop for pictures..

I stop in Chambers, Arizona, for the night. The place is hoppin' and I'm ready for a warm, dry bed.

The road to Hell is paved...
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