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Bell Revolver Evo (the one with the upgraded seals)

It is a non-dorky looking modular helmet with a very easy to use pop down sunglasses that aren't too dark but get the job done.

And they have the "snowmobile helmet option" You can get either the double lense or the double lense with electric element option, breath box, and an amber sunglasses replacement. I opted for the electric visor, Still waiting for a cold day to test it out.

The helmet itself is pretty comfortable, Wore it on my 1000+ mile off road rally in canada and a ride from virginia to manhatten around ny, and back ride. and a few local rides. My only complaint, as with any modular, is wind noise. Headphones that go into my ear help quite a bit with that problem though. The second complaint would be that every now and then the helmet will try to lift off over 110mph.

All and all it is a great all around helmet for me and what I use it for. Low speed and around town, I drop the sunglasses down and flip the face shield up for better airflow and to talk to buddies at the red lights. At speed on the highway I can leave the faceshield up without it ripping my headoff. The price is awesome (
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