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Originally Posted by Emmbeedee View Post
There may be "dozens of glitches included with each firmware update" but this is only of interest if you're keeping count or they affect you directly. I can't think of one which affects me right now. I'm very happy with my Montana and 62S.
Lucky you!

Quite a few glitches/bugs currently prevent me from using my Montana as intended.

Originally Posted by Emmbeedee View Post
Basecamp could be easier to use, but it still is better than anything else in the consumer gps industry.
I don't agree.

Have you used TopoFusion?

Much easier to use, and far more powerful than BaseCramp.... I still use it, but Garmin deliberately programmed BaseCramp to be incompatible with *.GPX files created by any other software title, so if I want to use the very advanced editing capabilities of TopoFusion, I can forget importing into BaseCramp after.
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