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Originally Posted by GAS GUY View Post
One thing I will say is the fairing and shield is pretty far forward.Maybe that is by design, your work so far looks awsome by the way, but all the bikes I have seen with shield and fairings further out front have buffeting issues.
Typically, the closer the shield is to the rider the more effective, otherwise the air crashes around the fairing and into the rider instead of around him.
Your design and styling is perfect, but what I would do is set up my handlebars and barkbusters exactly how high and forward I wanted them, and then move your complete fairing assembly as far in as possible without interfering with the handlebars while swinging them from lock to lock.
I think then you will have a perfect blend of form and function.
You have some serious talent, maybe you will end up offering these for sale ??
Yeah the set up is kind of forward, because I have got a lot of stuff up there : dual lights with HID ( not the slim ballast boxes), speedometer relocated in a fixed position, and I am planning to install later magnifying lenses vertically to each other ( KTM style ).And also thinking about to install a large screen gps ( as a secondary next to the gps map 76 ) in the protection of the windshield.

If it turns out to be nice, I may offer them for sale in a limited #.
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