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Originally Posted by STROMVADER View Post
I am attending school for CNC machining and one of my courses to complete the cert. is CAD. I am looking froward to because I am sick of sketching everything I fabricate! What CAD programs are relatively cheap to cut my teeth on? Google sketch?
What program does the school use? Do they have a computer lab you can work in after class? I got an engineering degree, and although I never actually took an official CAD class while an undergrad, I used the heck out of SolidWorks at school in support of my other design classes and Catia on an internship.

Originally Posted by garandman View Post
Don't know where you live but real CAD skills pay $$$ in the market.
In St Louis, you're more likely to find CAD jobs at $13/hour at places with a high turnover. As with machinists (CNC operators and manual machinists), employers treat "you" as an expendable, easily replaceable CAD driver not capable of real thought or human interaction. I know because I interviewed at a couple of those places when I was getting desperate to leave my old job.

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