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Looking at used boots: motocross boots vs. ....?

I am considering "upgrading" my boots to something a bit more riding-appropriate. I've been using some heavier Merrell hiking boots for the past few years, which leaves a lot to be desired from a safety standpoint. I've been lucky up to this point and have crash-tested them only into grass or softer dirt, but the more street riding I do the more I want to not grind away my ankle bones. This is what I'm currently using for reference:

In poking around here and on some other forums, I'm seeing motocross boots coming up used WAY cheaper than other ones. This is one example of several I found:

Why am I looking at used boots, you ask? Because I'm on a pretty dang tight budget. In addition to the boots I would LIKE to get, I need to get a decent jacket and helmet for my woman, and just bought a pair of Draggin jeans for myself (used on here, like my jacket :) ).

So the question is: will a $30 used Motocross boot be usable and ok for riding around in now and then on the street? They may occasionally see offroad duty, but not until a friend trailers his dirtbikes up here. They also won't be walked around in, as I'll bring a spare pair of shoes with me. Waterproof isn't a factor either, as I don't plan on riding in the rain currently. From the research I've done here, it sounds like they're less comfy for walking in (and sometimes not waterproof), but otherwise fine. The used condition is the biggest thing I'm unsure of.

All suggestions are welcome, as long as they are not, "Pull the trigger on those $300 Sidi XXX's, it'll be worth it." I KNOW they'll be worth it, but my wallet (and SO...) will castrate me if I so much as think about it So let's pretend my max budget is $100, and consider realistically that it is actually lower than that.
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