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Originally Posted by windmill View Post
I understand you are just playing devils advocate for someone who lacks the cognisance to express themselves intelligently.
I agree.the jeep driver was being an ass, but it's kinda pointless to "call out" someone who isn't here, and don't forget, the OP asked for opinions about his actions. Beware of what you wish for...................
That's reasonable. But those nuances aren't conveyed in your posts.

We may disagree on subjects such as recreational filtering/sharing where illegal, but in the real world I would never take any action to prevent, punish, or otherwise interfere with you from doing so, nor would I make any gesture or comment afterwards. As long as you cause me no injury or loss, I have no right to do so.
Can't ask for any more than that.

Fortunately these subjects are mostly academic, for the most part I am able to find a happy equilibrium in my riding environment, and have virtually no problems with being held up or holding up someone. On those rare occasions when they do come up, they seem to be easy to resolve without drama.
I agree, if you're getting aggravated on a moto, you're doing something wrong.

Agreed, I too have no sympathy for people who can't handle the consequences of their bad decisions..............................If thats what really happened, situations like this are rarely one sided.
I only believed him because I've seen it happen so much, but point taken.

That tiny dot way up in the sky leaving a con trail..................thats my whole point.
No private individual has the right to take action against another for their driving/riding decisions.
hmm. I'll have to chew on that.

FWIW, I am listening and learning from what you and others say, I may not agree, but it helps me appreciate how others feel and the actions they may expect or take.
That is really refreshing to hear.

This understanding of how things actually are with others is far more important to me than how I wish others would be, and helps me be a better rider.

Ride your own ride.
Amen brother.
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