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Originally Posted by Pecha72 View Post
Actually I wonder, why no manufacturer has made an ADV bike with a “boxed” or enclosed chain drive?? It has only a few small downsides: takes a bit more work to adjust it, and it could make changing tyres a bit harder (that however depends on the solution).

But on the other hand, it has more or less all the upsides: simplicity, weight (the box does not need to weight much at all), and durability fully comparable to a shaft drive (I mean the good ones, that you DON´T need to work on too often!) Plus when it is inside a box, on oil bath and lubricated 100% all the time, it won´t get dirty, and the need to even adjust it becomes very small. So regarding maintenance, it is almost like a well-working shaft drive.

Maybe it is a cost issue on a bike like the DL1000 (but I don´t believe it would be on all current large-capacity allroad-bikes). Also maybe all buyers would not like the looks of it. But if I was looking for a bike to go RTW, this kind of solution would be in one word perfect for me, and I could not care less about its looks.

There used to be enclosed chains on bikes, but that was a long time ago. Maybe the manufacturers don´t actually want the chains to last 40-60 thousand miles afterall, and the average user doesn´t care, if they last 20 or 40 thousand. But on a real RTW-tourer, this would be the way to go.

Here's a good look at the enclosed chain system on my slightly modified XV920 Yamaha.
I rode this on a 13,500 mile round trip and had 0 chain issues. The Shinko tires I used did not do well in mud though.
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