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Originally Posted by ducpiss View Post
I'm planning a trip October 20th for a week of riding with friends in south central Missouri. Staying near Eagle Rock MO. Does anyone know good day rides from that area? We have never been near that area before, we're all from the Twin CIties of Mn. Time to get out of Minnesota, it's getting cold up here!
It's been a few years since I was there, but Eureka Springs, AR is a cool town to visit… very artsy and has a lot of Victorian architecture. It's about 10 miles south of Eagle Rock as the crow flies. Also, Beaver Lake, a little to the west of Eureka Springs, should offer some nice roads around its perimeter. It's really a target rich environment down there as you'll be in the Ozarks… complete with roadside dumps and all (unless something has changed drastically). And then you have Branson, MO… a heavily family and Christian oriented entertainment mecca, if that appeals to you. As I said, you'll not be wanting for great riding… just throw a dart and go.

By the way… back in the '80's I traveled to the Twin Cities extensively for business. Fell in love with Minneapolis and wanted to move there, but my company wouldn't ante up the cost of living differential between it and Kansas City, where I was at the time. Probably a good thing, as I grew weary of the winters and am now back in a more temperate climate.
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