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Hello all,

I just recently got myself a 97' DR350SE and she has been running great. I have mostly only ridden her on the street and some fire-roads and she ran beautifully.

Then this last weekend I had the chance to bring her out to the desert and race an enduro. Well... before the enduro I thought I would just go out and play. I hit a string of woops and right at the end the bike bogged down and would not want to run. I limped her back to the camp and started to remove the carb to clean it out and as soon as I pulled the air box boot off the carb a decent amount of gas dribbled out.

I have already looked around on this thread for people with the same issue but I have not really come across anyone. I did see something about a T-vent mod, but I am not sure that that would solve the problem (I have the stock CV carb).

All help is appreciated.
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