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recycle blow-mould cases

After the latest shop re-org, where I dumped all the tools out of their blow-mould cases to save space... well, I had a lot of empty blow-mould cases sitting in the storage shed. I don't need them anymore, don't want them, don't want to keep them, but can't quite bring myself to throwing them away yet. I mean, they're so nice - at least some of them. Hinged, nice latches, tough plastic. Yet the insides are all custom fit to the tools I don't want to put in them anymore.

But, I discovered something today... a rotary tool (Dremel et.all) with a fibre-reinforced cutting wheel makes very short work of that inside part. A hand deburring tools cleans up the edge quick and easy too. In a few minutes I had a nice empty case to do whatever I want with. Not sure what I want to do with it yet, but now I'm even less inclined to throw it away... WAIT! Dang! Maybe I should rethink this. Na, I'll find something to put in it.


P.S. After dealing with a friends estate where he had painstakingly kept and stored all the original cases and boxes for all of his tools; and yes, he had a LOT of them; I decided that I was going another way. Yes, they add to the resale value, but only if a guy like me goes through all the effort to sell them for what they're worth. Not worth that effort, really. So, I decided to screw the resale value and toss that packaging. My family can just dump the tools for 10cents on the dollar or whatever. Me, I need the space now.
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