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Originally Posted by swimmer View Post
Yep, if you can't play by other's rules buy your way out of it.
BS! ... listen to Phil Legget's interview where he's says exactly opposite. He claims Lance played by the rules, subjecting himself to 500+ tests. sometimes 3 tests on the same day from 3 different agencies. without a single failed test.

in past days when test times were known months in advance. certainly it was possible to avoid detection. but under monitoring 7x24 where one has to log in on web every time one is headed out. so test inspectors has option of showing up where athlete is headed.

there is NO way someone can cheat without getting caught. look at the case of Alberto Contador getting suspended for two years over traces of clenbuterol. with amounts in his system so tiny it would not have been possible just 2 years before.

Alberto's tests came out clean before and during TDF. so without question he ingested the tiny amounts of clenbuterol during TDF. amounts that NO way helped his performance. then add in the fact that several different athletes have tested positive under almost identical circumstance. then were cleared.

an athlete cannot with 100% certainty control everything that goes into his body over the course of three weeks. a rider at times will accept a water bottle from a spectator or what ever.

drug tests have gotten to be a joke. agencies like USADA has gotten out of hand. after a 40 million $$ investigation by the Feds. if they had one shred of hard evidence. NO way they would have dropped charges against Lance. Only in America do we have our prisons overflowing with folks for POT. where the war against drugs after 30 years has shown NO improvement. where drug agencies have taken over budget $$$ and need to justify it's existence. are we seeing a pattern?

how can it be fair to anyone ... charge someone with a crime, then offer NO evidence, other than a vague charging document. then says proof will be offered at a hearing. going to a "trial" without knowing what evidence is getting ready to be used against you. or who is getting ready to testify against you. all with NO way to prepare a defense. NO way that can be fair!!!

IMHO this is why public opinion is heavily in Lance's favor (donations up 25x). even folks who don't follow cycling understand fair play. NO way what USADA has done is remotely fair. without hard evidence like a failed drug test. getting 10 people to testify against Lance means little to nothing. No telling what tactics were used to get testimony. like threats of getting same treatment as Lance if they didn't give testimony USADA wanted.

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