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Originally Posted by Road Dust View Post
In my personal opinion, you need to write a few RRs before you start trying to impose your personal rules on those who actually take the time to write RRs.

I usually try to write my RRs while I am on the road. I usually spend 1-2 hours per day writing and uploading pictures to the report. I do not write the reports for you. I could care less if you read them or not. I have no obligation to you what so ever. I would guess that most people who stop in the middle of a report have a very valid reason for doing so.
If I ever start a ride report, I will finish it. If the report is just for you, why publish it? Do you want to end up in the ADV hall of shame forever immortalized with as an incomplete ride report writer? The minute you start publishing a report on this site you are in effect asking people to invest their time in your story. It is very similar to fishing. You put your bait out there and you check in often to see if you have gotten any hits. Is there anyone here who doesn't look back at their reports to see who is reading them and to answer any questions?

For me, it would be a major embarrassment to start a report and not finish it. You said: "I could care less if you read them or not. I have no obligation to you what so ever." I think that says a lot about you.

I didn't mean to make my initial post anything more than a recommendation to writers. I realize some writers have legitimate reasons for not finishing their RRs and I stated that in my initial post. Good luck in life Dude!
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