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I didn't say Urals never go long distances, just that I rarely see them further than 50 miles of their homeport. The vast majority of Urals I've seen are used to putt around their neighborhood.

I am not a fan of out of the box bikes. I like old Harleys that have been lovingly restored, even though I'd never want one. The new HD has no appeal for me. I like the GS more than the GSA because riders put their own personality into farkling the GS, while the GSAs are all alike. Urals are pretty much like that to me. But there are HD, GSA, and Ural owners who are looking for exactly what their bikes/rigs provide. Like I said, whatever floats your boat.

I do think the Ural tub is the most elegant looking tub out there and if Barley didn't lunge at small game crossing the road I probably would have put one of them on my BMW. Because he's a gun dog, the Hannigan clamshell keeps him safely inside the tub.
I live in Southern Maine where we most likely have more Urals as compared to the population then anywhere else in the US. I agree that a lot of Urals are used locally. But with the Riders I know local is more like 100 to 200 mile round trip days. I have been with them on my Chang Jiang flathead for 200 to 250 mile day trips. As for the Chang, that is all I want to be on it in 1 day! We have one rider that went coast to coast and back with a monkey.
As for boats, I use water but sometimes try to use air. The last time I did that I went swimming at almost 60mph and the boat was floating upside down! [I may be crazy but not stupid, it was at a boat race with lots of safety equipment and rescue boats on the water].
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