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Originally Posted by therivermonster View Post

What kindo of soap did you use?
Any household dish washing detergent will do fine.

Two coats of PVA, right?
Right...Two coats.

How long after application of the resin to the part did you snap this pic?
Couple of hrs.... Did not change from the brush up, and should not.

Did you follow up the resin with glass or carbon?
Nothing yet, as you do not want to disturb The Clear coat.

Is this the 800 beak extension that I have read about? If yes, are you posting a thread?
Also, that resin looks pretty bubble free. How'd you manage that?
First batch was degassed with the vacuum chamber.... Second layer was set under a heat lamp for 5 minutes with a start temp of 85 deg. F. No degas.... Stubborn bubbles was removed with a spray or two of acetone.

Rock on, man!
Ironically, the first few seconds after acetone spray, it will orange peel, but it auto levels after 30-60 seconds.

Yes... new thread...

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