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Originally Posted by poolman View Post
My Recommendion:

From Cusco, ride to the Salt Pans of Maras (only 2 hrs, and absolutely amazing). From Maras, down the hill to Urumbamba. If you spend half the day being in awe of the thousand-year-old salt farming heratage (as I was) you can stay in Urumbamba. I stayed in a 5 Star resort there for $35.

From there, you can cross the awesome Abra de Malaga pass at 14K+ ft, make a left turn in Santa Maria, and ride to Santa Teresa (an incredible village where a mountain slide killed 60% of the town population), and store your bike there. Local cabs will take you to Hydro Electrica where it is a quick train ride to the base of Machu Picchu, Aguas Callientes.

Last year there was no extra charge for the ticket to Hyannas Picchu; it is allocated based on when you arrive at the trailhead and make your request. Due to the treacherous hike, only a limited number of hikers are permitted to attempt the climb each day. More tourists die here than nearly anyplace else in South America. Trust me, it is a sketchy hike at best, but the views are worth it if you are not surrounded by mist.

After Machu Picchu, I highly recommend the 3 hour ride to Quillabamba, a wonderful jungle village to enjoy the great food, friendly locals, and reflect on your trip to Machu Picchu.

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Thanks so much to the great insight. Always great to get recommendations from others that have done it!! This is basically what I had decided to do, except will probably park my bike at Hydro Electric and go up to Aguas. See MP then back down to St Theresa!
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