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According to your post you might be an asshole ,depending on if you really didnt mean/have to roost him . Im a jeeper and when off road Ill pull over for atvs /bikes because they are normally faster .On a dirt road its an non issue , ill just slow down and pull over and wave them on . But if Im really offroad Ill normally be in a group of 3-6 jeeps normally leading or tail gunning and if Im Tailgunning Ill always radio ahead to the leader to let him know we should pull over next available spot and all the other guys I wheel with do the same . We had a UTV a few years ago that got impatient and tried to pass us even though my passenger said there wasnt going to be room for about another mile up the trail ,he tried to pass me anyway and rolled so we had to jump out and right them , it took 5 of us because the passenger and the driver couldnt their belts aloose . Needless to say they ended up eating some humble pie and following us another mile to safely pass.

BTW If someone roosted me on purpose they better hope I dont catch up with them . Also watch how you act around ppl out in the sticks , most are armed and you never know when you are dealing with a meth head or grower .
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