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Originally Posted by JOKER650 View Post
haha...didn't roost him just to roost him...wanted to get past FAST.

Not an FSR ..but a farm road that was straight (100kph easy on the SE) and almost as wide as a 2-lane paved road, about 2/3rds the width and flat grasslands on each side.Full size trucks can pass in opposite directions.
Like I said, Gave him 3km to think about it.
I know myself that if I was in a truck I would pull over for ANYONE that caught up to me.
The JEEP was not just a pavement cruzer. It was moded for off road, muddy, over sized tires,cooler, fishing rod and gear in the back seat.
Roosting SOME people with rocks can lead to them yanking their deer rifle out from under the seats,who knows what they might do next.
Its personal discretion.
Just my 530 can throw rocks very far and easily through a windshield,a 990? Your using your bike like a weapon to demonstrate your petty little temper.

Why be so stupid? A fast pass can be done with out wheelspin.
Some bikes around at times
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