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Originally Posted by Fishenough View Post
Would like to add that I have been driving roads in much of BC for almost two months, after 5 years living overseas and ridden extensively in a total 5 different countries. Each the these 5 countries the traffic is considered mayhem to many. But what stands out about BC is the attitude of 'I'm in the front, I have all the rights'. Passing is some cases appears to be a brazen challenge to the person, and their perceived right, that is in front of you. Doesn't matter if it's a young man in a tricked up pick up or a mom in a mini van. I have covered plenty of miles on two wheels in central and south America, and Asia, and though Canadian's follow the rules of the road far better then any of these countries (Except Japan, but I've only been on 4 wheels there) - there is a very real attitude towards what's behind some drivers. It really stands out.

Though I'd have done the same as the OP.....

Just last night I was returning from a day fishing the Peace River, truck dude jumps a stop sign to do just as the OP's offending driver did on a similar sounding gravel road. I pulled to the side after a couple of km's of dust, and obviously being given no room to pass though we were driving at 65 km on a road where 90 would be kinda ok, to answer a couple of text messes, and said driver visually kicked in his after burners with me no longer invading his personal space behind him, And just like with adaptating to the driving/riding habits in other countries, you either make an issue of it or you learn to suck a little dust.
People drive competitively everywhere,not just BC. Subdued form of road rage,or obviously stated. Or just the perceived right that it's their road,dammit!
There are long streaks of rubber and metal shavings on the cement barriers that line the entrances to the freeway in my town. Ive seen what happens,guy wants to merge,others dont want to move over,or they slam their brakes on and cause havoc. Its crazy really,one car to another,they dont know each other,but some are willing to stuff another into the cement wall to prove a point.
Probably if the stuffer had to get out on the roadside and go toe to toe with the victim of his rage,hed be the biggest most apologetic pussy in the world.
In his cage though,he is the ruler of all he sees. On a bike,I know any of them can kill me,probably with out scratching their car much.
I watch out.
Some bikes around at times
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