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What does your budget look like and what is available in your area? It would be much easier to get into a Super Ten around here than an Explorer, as the Super Ten has been out for a minute and the Explorer is still pretty fresh.

Have you sat on the bikes that you are interested? There is a pretty significant difference (in my opinion) in the riding position on bikes like the GSA, S10, Explorer, and the more sport touring bikes like the VFR, C14, etc. If you haven't, sit on some stuff and see what feels naturally.

And finally, maybe let that "je ne c'est quoi" influence you as well. The first bike I bought was an Aprilia Pegaso, not necessarily because it was the best choice (although it worked out awesome) but because it moved me. For me personally, the Explorer doesn't do anything - I would buy a GS/GSA instead. The S10, in black, would be my choice between the two, but that's just me. YMMV.
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