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Originally Posted by precarious View Post
Now, what do I go to? It's a great time to be a motorcycle enthusiast.
You're right - lots of great choices. And I would wager every one of them is better than the Vee in almost every category except Value (versus a used Vee) and Reliability (but they're probably pretty close).

I have no suggestions because I don't know what floats your boat. But rather than getting hung up on the 90-10 thing, maybe consider what that 10% really is. If it is just fire roads, then you really don't need an adventure bike. You may still want one for the comfy riding position and a suspension that soaks up bumps. But if you're talking graded roads, a bike's dirt capabilities really don't matter. The S10's dirt capabilities won't matter if you don't ride on trails where it would be superior to the competition.

My Vee does really well on gravel roads, but not so much better than a more road-oriented bike. The rougher it gets, it probably would differentiate itself more, but since I don't plan on taking my 500+lb bike on anything really rough, that aspect of the Vee doesn't score any points with me. I see a more refined sport tourer in my future and I will still take it on mild dirt roads. Because most of what the Vee does, it will likely do better. And the few things the Vee could do better, probably won't matter with my riding.

So look at the areas you really need a bike to shine for your riding and choose accordingly (so long a the bike speaks to you). Or just buy one of the many awesome Adventure bikes out there now and enjoy - your probably can't make a bad decision! Just my $.02. And I hope you're recovering nicely.
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