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Originally Posted by FPGT72 View Post
500yards at BIG THICK HEAVY steel animals...............

When I played the game they had three different classses, fancy smancy rifles and guys that shot them had their name on the back of a vest. Regular hunting rifles with scopes and as issued military rifles.

That is one of the 'things' about shooting that sport, it is intended to keep it realistic (From what I have read, the sport began in the South West and would involve the 'guest of honor' (otherwise known as the dinner) for a barbeque, being tethered at some distance from the BBQ pit and participants would take turns trying to shoot it. This was in the days when meat did NOT come from markets). Those targets, particularly the 500 yd/m rams are heavy. Hitting them doesn't count for anything, you have to knock it over to get a point. You could shoot one all day long with a .223, it isn't going down.
That is what made the 7-08 the number one choice when it came out, that SMK 168 had the best BC for hitting at range with enough mass to drop the rams and less recoil than the originally used 30's.
Back then there were no great 6 or 6.5 bullets for long range shooting, today's bullets (and cartridges) would make hitting easier without beating you up with recoil. I just haven't read or heard anything as to whether or not they can reliably knock those rams down.
No one shoots full sized shilouette here in New England, we have some ranges that are long enough but it requires too much width to have several banks of targets so that a number of competitors could shoot side by side. I think that I would have loved the game had it been available here, since it is not we don't hear as much about it in this part of the country.

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