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Originally Posted by Bluethumb View Post
I'll be wearing the jacket under an Aerostich. Seems to me that trying to plug the connectors together, with gloves on, would be a royal PIA. Do the pigtails extend out enough from under the sleeves to make it easy?

I've never used a "heat troller" before. Looking at the dual remote. Easy to mount and easy to use?
I find it to be a minor bother to attach the gloves to the sleeve connectors, but it's certainly not due to the length of the sleeve wires. There is plenty of wire, but excess can be tucked back into the sleeve pouch and zipped up. My only fuss is that I can really only use one hand to make the connection, as it is at the wrist area. The connectors are snug and secure, but pushing them together takes a little force.

As to the remote heat troller, do it. It's quite brilliant. I put some scotch lock on the bottom of mine, and just pop it on a small RAM base and mount it on whatever bike I'm taking. It works very well, allows full control over two circuits without having to bother with wires, and has yet to fail me. It's especially nice that you don't have to fumble for a dangling controller by your thigh to make changes.

Edit: here is a quick cockpit photo showing how I attach the controller via RAM mount.

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