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Some Thoughts

I like Permatex's product #81153 Dialectric Grease that comes in a pressurized can with a handy nozzle applicator that puts you in mind of "Cheese Whiz". It costs less than $10 and I've been keeping a fleet of vehicles happy for some time now with the same can. I got it at the local auto store, they can order it for you if they don't have any in stock. I like it to inject the female ends of mulit-connectors.

Before that it was black molybdenum grease for ALL bolts & electrical connections!

Keep in mind several connectors on our bikes have a weatherseal gasket in them (such as main relay/master fuse). If you put too much in you'll have problems getting the connectors pushed together enough to click-lock them in place- in extreme cases the gasket will push out of place & you'll have to remove some grease, which is a messy procedure... DAMHIK!

Using an aluminum-based "Never Seez" product will conduct electricity & prevent corrosion but as mentioned above it can make some un-wanted connections for you! I use a toothpick to apply it sparingly and it works well. I've rescued many corroded turn/tail/brake light sockets over the decades...

Also keep in mind dialectric grease is silicone-based and is poison- as well as messy to clean off
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