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Originally Posted by Boondox View Post
I didn't say Urals never go long distances, just that I rarely see them further than 50 miles of their homeport. The vast majority of Urals I've seen are used to putt around their neighborhood.

I am not a fan of out of the box bikes. I like old Harleys that have been lovingly restored, even though I'd never want one. The new HD has no appeal for me. I like the GS more than the GSA because riders put their own personality into farkling the GS, while the GSAs are all alike. Urals are pretty much like that to me. But there are HD, GSA, and Ural owners who are looking for exactly what their bikes/rigs provide. Like I said, whatever floats your boat.
Using that same argument, I bet you at least 85% or more of ALL motorcycles out there probably never go more than 50 miles from their homes (I won't single any particular make/model out here). You also have to factor in their relative low numbers compared to the other makes/models out there. The last time that I looked, Ural stated they only make something like 3000-4000 bikes a year for their world market. Many of the major manufacturers probaby make that many in a week or more.

That's an interesting comparison you make and I never really thought of it like that - mainly because I never seen any driving around unless I'm near one of the two dealers in my general area. That is the one minor thing that really does bug me about Ural is the limited colors and everyone seems to have the same (black, green, or one of the camo ones). I've already made up my mind to either have mine repainted or vinyl wrapped when I get it so that I don't see its clone everywhere. Not that I really plan on seeing any other ones around me, but you never know. Now if my friggin check would just show up so that I can aleviate from someone the burden of keeping their Ural in their garage..........
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