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Originally Posted by andrew1101 View Post
I'm really interested in this bike. My nearby dealer has offered it for $5500 out the door here in southern California, this price seems high. Any thoughts on how far down he'll likely go?

I'm really interested in getting this bike as a short commute bike to my local community college and back home. I live in a small town out in the desert, the country roads out here are asphalt with a 55mph speed limit. Since we're an agriculture community, alot of the off-road driving nearby is restricted to ditchbanks lining the canals and field service roads. The consistency of which is generally that of an unpaved road.

I am 6'4" and weigh 175lbs (think tall and skinny). I'm new to motorcycles, completed the MSF course about 3 months ago. I've sat on the bike, and it seems to have a pretty good fit for me. I'm interested in buying new, I want to have fun without the maintenance of an old bike and most of the used bikes around these parts are very large-bore designed for the sand in Arizona or aren't street legal. I'm not a power freak, I just want something that can handle 55mph roads, able to go into town for short trips to friend's houses and such, and is able to get me along the unpaved roads out near the fields.

Just an fyi: My original thought was a suzuki tu250x, but seeing as it's not available in California...well anyways. The dealer also has a used 2009 KLR 650 (with only 1k miles) going for $4300 OTD. The next closest dealer to me is about 2 hours drive away.

Any thoughts?
I have both a KLR and CRF250L and if you want something that is mostly off road, in town and short trips the CRF250L is the one to get. I like my KLR for longer trips that include off road stuff. I have it setup and ride pretty aggressively off road but it is heavy.

I'm 6' 3" so the CRF might seem a little small when you stand up. I do have to lean a bit forward to press my knees around the tank also need to do handlebar switch out and raise them an inch or two, I have to bend a bit in my back when I stand.

The CRF250L will cruise 65 easy. The KLR will do it easier and feel more planted to the road. I get blown around a little bit on the CRF, but if it's short distance it's not a problem.

I got MSRP plus TTL for 4800 OTD (0.0625% tax rate). That was from a powersports dealership that moves a TON of bikes. The traditional dealership model that most dealerships have I was able to get 5050 OTD on negotiations. Obviously I passed on that deal and went cheaper, just had to drive about 200 miles.

Also the insurance on the CRF is cheaper (125 a year full coverage vs 205 for KLR) and I'm pulling about 20-25 MPG more on the CRF.
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