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Originally Posted by pierce View Post
I've had spoke heads break off at the hub, usually on cheap wheels, but never had a nipple break. What sort of wheel was this?
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Originally Posted by Oznerol View Post
I'm betting on aluminum nipples, plus an under-tensioned wheel. Al doesn't like cyclic loads, and an under-tensioned wheel will mean that each individual spoke and nipple experiences greater extremes of load.

I found a couple of broken nipples on my girlfriend's mountain bike, last time we were preparing to go for a ride. Aluminum nipples, stock machine-built wheels.

I've used aluminum nipples on some of the wheels I've built, but since I was hand-building I could ensure that they were properly tensioned; So far no problems.
Def aluminum nipple, tension was good (AFAIK - I do check them periodically as I'm on the larger side, so last time was prob a month ago )

I was out riding this weekend so I have only just got round to looking at this.

This is what I found :

So the rim is cracked. Bike is about 2 years old and I have Mavics on my other bike that have been fine so not sure what happened here. Is this a warranty job do you think ? No idea how long rims are warrantied if at all
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