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Originally Posted by Ginger Beard View Post
The irony here is friggin' hilarious.

The point that many seem to be missing is that this "ride your own ride and be courteous" mindset can not be one sided. You don't get to tell others they should or must let you by when you aren't willing to understand that perhaps you should or must allow them to enjoy their ride as well. Again, it goes both ways.

Personally I prefer to be courteous and let people pass but I don't have to nor do I get my panties in a twist when people don't let my ride as fast as I would like to be riding.
Wait, so to enjoy their leisurely cruise, it is essential to it that no else get to go around them? Bullshit. If I come up behind someone, I am 100% fine with letting that person enjoy his ride. That's great. I'm not asking him to speed up, or to change his riding style or plan. All I am asking is that he let me enjoy mine as well. If he lets me pass, then I'm off and gone, and not interfereing with his ride or his enjoyment one tiny little bit -- no conflict, no problem. But if he creates a conflict, then there is going to be tension, and *neither* of us will be enjoying our rides as much (unless he actually does get enjoyment out of making other people upset, in which case he's a genuine ass and deserves no consideration in return). What the hell good does that do, for anyone?

The situation is not symmetrical. The guy who wants to pass is NOT interfering in any way with the person who wants a slower ride. He just wants to be allowed to go on his way, and leave the other guy to ride however he wants, and thus each gets his own way, and BOTH can be happy with their respective rides. The slow guy who blocks the faster guy, OTOH, is being an ass, because he is not content to enjoy his own ride in his own way and let others do the same.

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