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Howdy All,

Day five of the rideabout, was a great one, Mark rode his bike and gave us a guided tour of many cool places and parks. As I don't remember the names of the towns and parks we rode through I am just going to post a lot of photos to give you an idea of the fun we had, THANKS Mark for being our tour guide on this wonderful, clear but very chilly day. First photo, we leave from Marks home, during the day we ride south toward Canberra.

Jock and his bike.

Mark and his bike.

The remains of an old light house.

We stop for a snack before riding to the next park, 3 dollars for a candy bar, 3 and a half bucks for a can of Coke.

We walk to a look out point.

Mark rode with us to this pub-store, here we had some lunch before again heading south. Thank you Mark for your kind hospitality, for lodging us, feeding us and filling us with beer and wine, for being our tour guide whilst in your area. If you should ever make it to my side of the big pond and find yourself in the Great Nor-Wet, please contact me and allow me to repay your hospitality.

Across the street from the pub, "Ned Kelly" kept an eye on things.

After Mark left, Jock and I continued to ride south, there was no room at this inn, so we rode on.

By the time we found a place to stay it was getting dark and COLD, we were near Canberra the capital city of Australia. We found a room, got a evening meal some drinks and found free wifi in a coffee shop. It dropped below freezing during the night, I am glad we had a room and weren't yet camping.

So ended day five of the rideabout, it was a great day filled with many spectacular views and just plain fun, Mark and Jock are fine folks to ride and just hang out with. Stay tuned, day six would be both a very good day and for me a very hard one at times but well worth it.
Dave, aka "Mr. Cob"

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